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Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Co. Ltd was established in 1959, and started its production of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors in 1970. With more than one thousand employees working, both in the Jianghai parent company and its five Joint-Venture subsidiaries Jianghai has an annual output of 2.3 billion pieces for SMD, Radial, Snap-in, Lug and Screw type capacitors.

Today Jianghai is the largest manufacturer of Electrolytic Capacitors in China and is listed within the Top 10 manufacturers worldwide. Sales revenue reached over 100 Mil USD in 2006. Between the years of 1993 and 2003, Jianghai has won “Ten Years Championship” for its highest sales in Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor industry in China.

Jianghai makes a point of investing into newest technologies and the renewal of production facilities. The main production equipment as well as the testing and measuring instruments are mainly obtained from Japan. Additionally Jianghai has established long-term relationships with leading Japanese manufacturers for sharing technology know-how and management methods required to produce high-quality capacitors. Jianghai possesses wholly owned and joint venture facilities that allow the vertical integration of key materials and high cost efficiencies.

Jianghai especially emphasises on the research and development of new products. A “Research and Development Institute” has been set up for this purpose. Due to continuous innovation in management and technology by working closely together with the “Aluminium Electrolytic Technology Research Centre” in China, Jianghai Company has participated in many important National Projects, such as “Torch Program”, “Sparks Program” and “High-Tech Program”. As one of the first manufacturers for Electrolytic Capacitors Jianghai has changed completely to lead-free production.  

Quality Milestones:

Jianghai’s Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors are widely used in:

The major customers of Jianghai are found in the Professional Industry Segment, especially for power applications, power supplies and conversion.

In 1998, Jianghai took over the complete set of production technology for manufacturing 105°C, high frequency capacitors from a leading Japanese manufacturer to produce capacitors in their name. A Joint-Venture agreement in 1999 with Hitachi AIC and since 2002 with Evox-Rifa secures a worldwide leading position for high quality high voltage capacitors. As a consequence of the many partnerships and Joint-Ventures, Jianghai capacitors are used successfully worldwide under own and external brand names.

In 2000 the Jianghai America Inc was founded to offer a direct access to the know-how of the specialists from Jianghai. The combination of having a warehouse in Los Angeles, the sales Engineers spread over United States as well as a distribution and engineering network guarantees an excellent technical support of the North America customers.